back to school?

hey guys,

I’m gong back to school on Wednesday which sucks but i have everything i need.including; school bag , uniform , pens , pencils , highlighters , calculator , planner , notebooks , binder , pencil-case ,etc.i’m not that excited about it but i’m trying to see the bright side of it like seeing my friends and starting over the new school year and having a routine. It also means that Halloween is closer and so is Christmas which sounds pretty lame but i don’t care .

so that was just a little post but ill probably post something better on Monday as im doing something super fun on Sunday.

when do you go back to school?and are you excited?

bubbliestgirl out x

Caravan weekend

Heys guys,

So over the weekend I was in a caravan and it was so good , and my best friend was with me and we had so much fun and we have so many new inside jokes now πŸ˜‚.

So there was an arcade there which was also very entertaining.

Some of the activities we done were; swimming, a course around the trees , fed ducks and swans and water walking .

Here are some photos

Good deeds??

Hey guys ,

So I was watching this programme on TV about older people in care homes and how 4 year old children can help them physically and mentally

And during watching the show it got me thinking that those 4 year old kids are doing good deeds and don’t even know it , they are just enjoying themselves and helping others , so I thought that I’d try and do a good deed everyday and see how it goes, and at new year I can make it one of my resolutions .

It can be something simple like helping parents or grandparents with shopping or picking up something someone has dropped , it will make you and them feel good and very grateful so we can celebrate life to its fullest😊

Edit:the kids totally improved the elders attitudes and confidence

Bubbliestgirl out x 😘

Im back!!

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here but I’m back and better than ever – I’ve had my hair cut ,got my braces off , been to Portugal and made some new friends.

Right now I’m on my summer holidays and it’s been quite good (apart from the few days of boredom)

Anyways hope you all have a great day

Are you on summer holidays?if u are what have you been up to?

Bubbliestgirl out x

About Me πŸ’•

So my name is Amy and I’m 14yrs old and i do figure skating and ice dance⛸❄. In my free time i enjoy reading and it’s weird but making lists, i also love hanging out with my friends at the weekends and after school in the summet. My favourite shows are Riverdale , 13 reasons why & Full house 🏠

That was a bit about me x

Bubbliestgirl out x